Information for all Pool Builders

The law

Pool Inspections will be followed up at 5 months from the date of approval; Pools under the legislation are required to be inspected at 6 months. A pool approval is only current for 1 year from date of approval, the exception being if the house is under construction at the same time then the pool approval is current for 2 years from date of approval.

Some Tips

To assist you, as the pool builder and your clients, the following suggestions may be useful:

  • Ensure a current resuscitation sign is secured to the inside of the pool enclosure prior to the final inspection. (This eliminates the need to provide photos after the inspection).
  • Ensure the owner has any certificates that have been supplied by the fencing contractor (Form 15 Metal or Glass Fence Certificates).
  • If the pool has not passed the final inspection, the owners should be made aware that it is illegal to fill the pool.

If the pool requires a re-inspection, the owners should be made aware that this fee is their responsibility and the re-inspection will not be booked until this is paid for.

Advice offered by PCG

Our services include offering your clients a Pool Fence Advice Inspection, in which a certifier will meet with the owners or fencing contractor on site and offer solutions on how to erect the fencing to ensure that this will pass the final inspection. The current fee for 2013/2014 is $100.

Our aim is to assist you as the pool builder and your clients in the process of the pool building approval from the start to completion. We are committed to ensure this process progresses smoothly and efficiently.

About Inspections

We can take bookings up to 3pm for the next possible inspection day (normally the next day).

The following will assist in completing a successful inspection:

  • A current resuscitation sign
  • Form 15 fence certificates
  • Pool Fence 100% completed

The pool should not be filled with water until a Form 17 Pool Fence Pool Final Certificate has been issued by our office.

The exception will be fibreglass pools but these should have a current Form 16 Temporary Pool Fence before the pool is filled and will require the permanent Pool Fence Pool Final Inspection within 3 months from the date of the Temporary Pool Fence.