Moreton Bay Planning Scheme

Moreton Bay Planning Scheme
The new Moreton Bay Planning Scheme will commence on 1 February 2016.

The new Scheme will not apply to subdivisions where there are POD’s or North Lakes.

There are numerous residential precincts in the new Scheme each with their own complex standards. Therefore it is not practical to summarise all of the relevant provisions.

The provisions referred to below relate to the General Residential Zone – Next Generation Neighbourhood Precinct which is where most new development will occur.

Road Setback: 3m to wall/2m to omp.
Secondary Road: 2m to wall/1m to omp.
Car Parking: 5.4m setback to road.
Side/Rear Setbacks: QDC.
Built to Boundary Wall:

OK on lots with a frontage up to 12.5 m. For lots with frontages between 12.5 and 18 m, the adjoining lot must have a frontage less than 18 m.


Also walls must be on low side of a sloping block.

Site Cover: In accordance with a table depending on the size of the lot and height of the building.
Car Parking: 1 per dwelling house (3 in established precincts). Garage size appears to be QDC.
Frontage Car Space Openings: 3m for lots less than 12.5 m for single storey houses; 6 m for two storey houses recessed 1 m behind the front wall or upper level balcony; and 6 m for lots between 12.5 m and 18 m.
Crossovers: 40% of frontage up to 4.8 m.
Street Frontage: Door, 1 m2 window of habitable room & entrance must face street.
Bin Storage: 1 m by 2 m screened from street, not in frontage or garage.
Sloping Sites: There are specific requirements for land having a slope between 10 & 15%. Slab on ground is not permitted on land having a slope greater than 15%.

Clients should ensure projects designed under the current Planning Schemes are lodged with PCG by 29 January 2016, particularly those in established areas and those on land having a slope greater than 10%.