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3.1 Drawings

Drawings and Paperwork

Throughout the Building Certification approval journey, it is important to ensure that your drawings and paperwork are completed to a satisfactory standard.

Your drawings should be prepared by an Architect or licensed Draftspersons.

For minor work such as a fabricated shed, patio or new swimming pool, a neat and scaled drawing may be acceptable.

Building Plans

The building plans should include:

Site plan, elevations and sections containing sufficient information for us to assess compliance of the building.
A framing plan showing:
– All structural member sizes;
– Tie downs; and
– Bracing and calculations.
If using engineered frames and trusses, include the engineering details and design certificates.
A soil report and a Structural Engineer’s footing & slab design will be required for substantial building work, including proposed new dwellings and dwelling extensions.
Please check that the engineer is recognised by us as competent and/or is registered with the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland if your project is being completed in Queensland.