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3.6 Building Permit

Building Permit and Decision Notice

Upon collating all required documents and having assessed the application as compliant, we can issue you a decision notice.

Carefully read through the decision notice as it specifies all of the relevant certificates to be provided at different stages of the build, conditions and the inspections to be completed by either the engineer or PCG.

For Inspections to be completed by the engineer, call the engineer to confirm a time for the inspection.

For inspections by PCG, call our inspections team on (07) 3707 6516 or (07) 3069 5799 one day in advance for the inspection.

Decision Notice Conditions

The decision notice will contain conditions you must comply with. Please read them carefully and ask us any questions you may have before proceeding with works.

Examples of some conditions are:

Some of these are general conditions about complying with council requirements and the building code, and any potential specific conditions applicable to your project.
Please read these carefully and ask us any questions you may have before proceeding.
Where conditions refer to the building, you can access these online at
Required inspections which must be satisfactorily completed before moving onto the next stage
Form 16 inspection certificates that you must provide us. Examples of such certification include that of for glazing, smoke alarms and waterproofing compliance among some others.

Have any other questions about your building permit or decision notice?

Contact us.

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