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Professional Certification, Building Approvals and Building Inspections

The Professional Certification Group is one of the most trusted services for building approvals and building inspections in Queensland and New South Wales. We’re renowned for our professionalism and ability to get results, providing fast, reliable, and accurate services for completing any project.

With our specialised certifiers and expertise in building certification, you’ll have everything you need to ensure your project is completed on time and according to legal standards.

Our team has the skills and knowledge to make your project work, whatever type and size it may be. Whether you’re working on a large-scale commercial development or a private residential property, we’ll help you get the certification you need to bring it to life.

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Our Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of professional services for all types of property developments:

Residential Building Approvals

If you’re developing a residential property for private or commercial use, our team will see to it that it’s designed to get the proper approvals and certification. We have plenty of experience obtaining licenses and approvals for different residential developments, from homes and apartment units to boarding houses and hotels.

Residential developments typically have stringent guidelines and procedures, but rest assured our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to manage these with ease.

Aside from residential building approvals, we can also conduct thorough residential building inspections whenever required.

Commercial and Industrial Approvals

Commercial building approvals and industrial building approvals have long been part of our specialties. Through the years, we’ve helped numerous clients comply with industry standards and legal requirements for their commercial and industrial developments.

Our work in this field spans several types of properties including factories, warehouses, offices, and retail centres. We also provide in-depth commercial building inspections and industrial building inspections to make sure everything is set for approval.

In addition to these, our team also specialises in the refurbishment and tenancy fitout sectors, providing industry leading expertise in these fields.


Our accredited building certifiers will ensure that your property development complies with approved building plans and the safety and industry standards designated for your property. Aside from helping you comply with legal requirements for your project, our inspections will also help you ensure that your development is being constructed according to your stipulated quality and specifications.

As added value to our service, we also see to it that you can get inspections as early as you can. In fact, we offer next day inspections throughout South East Queensland and New South Wales. If you book an inspection with us before 3pm, we can set up an inspection at your property as early as the next business day.

Building and Development Consultants

Building approvals and building inspections may be our main specialities, but our expertise in these fields also allows us to serve as building consultants to many clients. With our knowledge and experience in building certification, we’re able to help clients design and develop their properties in the best and most efficient ways possible.

With the Professional Certification Group, you can guarantee your property is designed to avoid or minimise potential road blocks in getting certified. Coupled with our solid industry experience, this expertise enables us to provide professional advice and recommendations to clients all throughout South East Queensland and New South Wales.

Town Planning Consultants

With our expertise in building certification for both private and commercial properties, our specialists also make remarkable town planning consultants and urban development planners. Our in-depth knowledge of industry standards, application processes, and legal requirements empowers us to help you make your town development project run smoothly.

We can provide ongoing consultation throughout your project’s lifetime, from conceptualisation in the early stages to approval and compliance in the final stages. With our professional advice and recommendations, you can minimise obstacles in your project’s development from the onset and ensure completion as scheduled.

Town Planning Applications

The Professional Consultancy Group can assist you in preparing and submitting your town planning applications with your City Council or other relevant authorities. We’ll help you ensure your project conforms to Council standards, including any appropriate safety regulations, assessment guidelines, and construction policies. This way, you’re more likely to get your town planning applications approved faster.

Swimming Pool Inspections

We have accredited certifiers who can perform professional pool inspections for swimming pools, spas, and similar fixtures in your property. Our specialists will make sure that your pool conforms to safety standards set in your state. This includes assessing its layout on your property as well as conducting pool fence inspections to determine proper fencing and clearance. After inspection, we’ll also provide detailed advice on any improvements you can make.

Whether you need pool inspections for newly built pools or a routine inspection for renewing its permits, we’ll provide the expert assessment you’re looking for.



Why Work With Us

Founded in 2010 by Directors Ain Kuru and John Reeve, the Professional Certification Group has grown to become one of the country’s top private certifiers for building approvals and building inspections. Over the years, we’ve been helping many clients throughout Queensland and New South Wales get proper certifications for their property developments and buildings.

If you’re looking for professional certification for your project, here’s why we’ll always be one of your top choices:

  • Wide Coverage – We provide building approvals and building inspections throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We employ 39 staff in both states, and we can undertake next day inspections if booked by 3pm.
  • Professional and Qualified Staff – Due to our size, we can better manage workloads and ensure work is not delayed. We also have considerable industry experience and are up-to-date with current regulations and practices.
  • Comprehensive Range of Services – We organise other associated approvals such as town planning applications, siting relaxations, plumbing, driveways, and building over sewers – all at highly competitive rates.
  • Modern Service – Our teams use state-of-the-art technology and software, providing clients with a paperless approval alternative. All work is done electronically with immediate results. There is no onerous paperwork.
  • High-Level Expertise – We have experts with substantial experience in dealing with complex problems, and we can easily navigate through complex government regulations.
  • Large Client Base – We have a broad client base that includes many of the major home and home improvement builders in South East Queensland and New South Wales.
  • Lasting Results – With the Professional Certification Group, you can always be confident that your building project will meet the required standards, be resilient to public scrutiny, and be processed efficiently.

Working with All Types of Properties

propertyNo matter what type of property you may have, you can count on us to deliver the professional certifications you need. We’re committed to providing building approvals and building inspections for all types of properties, whatever its size and purpose. Some of the properties we’ve worked on include:

  • Residential properties –houses, apartment units, boarding houses, and hotels
  • Industrial sites – factories, warehouses, storage units, sheds, etc.
  • Commercial sites – offices, retail areas, shopping centres, commercial outlets, sporting complexes
  • Educational – schools and learning centres
  • And many more

We also provide consultation services for town planning projects and other large-scale property developments that require comprehensive knowledge of industry guidelines and regulations.


Our Office Locations

The Professional Certification Group operates throughout Queensland and New South Wales, with our main offices located in Brisbane and Kingscliff respectively. Our solid portfolio in these two states has built our reputation as a private building certifier that can always be trusted to get the job done.

Brisbane (QLD)

Our Brisbane office is located in the northern suburb of Chermside, making it highly accessible for those in the Brisbane region. Aside from providing building approvals Brisbane wide, we also offer our services to the rest of Queensland.

Our central location in the region also means we can provide next-day building inspections in Brisbane and anywhere else in South East Queensland, provided it’s booked before 3pm the previous day.

You’ll find our Brisbane office at 10 Hall Street, Chermside. If you need to speak with one of our specialists here, simply call (07) 3069 5755.

Kingscliff (NSW)

For those in New South Wales, our nearest office can be found in the northern suburb of Kingscliff. We provide building approvals in Kingscliff and the rest of New South Wales, extending our service to cover the entire state. We can also conduct next-day building inspections in Kingscliff and anywhere else in New South Wales if it’s booked before 3pm the previous day.

Our office in Kingscliff is located at Unit 14, 11-13 Pearl Street. You can contact our team here by calling (02) 6674 8503.

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Get the building approvals and certification you need with our wide range of professional certification services.

Contact us today to set an appointment with one of our accredited certifiers. If you need building inspections, remember that you can also schedule one the next day if you book an appointment with us before 3pm.


  • Private certifier residential work including unit development, houses, extensions, decks, swimming pools, sheds and the like;
  • Related consultancy services including building and development advice and town planning applications; and
  • Private certifier commercial and industrial work such as offices, shopping centres, tenancy fitouts, schools and hospitals;
  • Swimming pool compliance inspections.
  • Next day inspections in South East Queensland and New South Wales (book by 3pm);
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