Residential Building Certification

No matter what type of residential building project you may have, you can count on us to assist you in obtaining building approval, a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate.

Our private certifier specialists are ready to assist you to ensure your building project meets State and Council laws and regulations and is built in accordance with current standards contained in the Building Code of Australia.

We specialise in Project Home Builders
Residential Certification


Approval from as low as $1000*
Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Adelaide | Canberra | Gold Coast | Newcastle | Wollongong | Other regional centres

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* Price varies according to State/Territory, number of inspections, and area of work. Price excludes GST
Fitout Work

Commercial Building Certification

We offer a fast and professional service for all forms of commercial development. We can issue Development Permits and Construction Certifications for Building Work.

We are able to assess a wide range of work including
High-rise Residential Apartments | Industrial Buildings | Storage Warehouses | Medical Centres | Hospitals | Childcare | Schools and Education | Shopping and Retail Complexes.

We specialise in tenancy fit out work
Commercial Building Certification

Combustible Cladding Checklist and Report

*Step 2 Must Complete by New Deadline 31 July 2019*

From 1st October 2018, the Queensland Government introduced new laws to tackle the issue of combustible cladding on residential and commercial buildings.

The new laws place an onus on building owners to undertake investigations on the cladding and register their buildings with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

This affects all Class 2 to 9 buildings that were approved after the 1st January 1994 that are of Type A or Type B construction.

The Professional Certification Group has the experience and expertise to assist and guide you to comply with new combustible cladding laws by helping you register, identify, sample, test and prepare fire engineering safety reports. Our team includes experienced building certifiers and an RPEQ registered Fire Safety Engineer.

Don't delay. Contact us today to ensure you comply with the new legislation.

Combustible Cladding Checklist and Report

Private Certifiers | The Professional Certification Group

Professional Certification Group is a leading and trusted private certifier. We are known for our professionalism and ability to navigate complex building regulations and planning laws – providing fast, reliable, and accurate advice for completing any building project.

Whether you’re working on a large-scale commercial development or a private residential project, we can help you get the approvals and permits you need to complete your project.

In New South Wales, our private certifiers are experts in assessing applications for Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates.  We are also accredited to act as the Principal Certifying Authority and undertake Critical Stage Inspections to issue necessary certificates including Occupation Certificates.

In Queensland, we have many years experience in issuing Development Permits for Building Work (otherwise known as building permits), conducting building inspections of approved work, and providing building consultancy advice.

We can also assist with the following:

  • Completing paperwork for development applications
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Town Planning advice
  • Bushfire assessments
  • Driveway permits
  • Plumbing and drainage approvals
  • Water connections
  • Build over sewer approvals

Private Certifier of Choice

  • Expertise in navigating complex regulations
  • Project home expertise
  • Professional and smart
  • Competitive priced
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Paperless approvals and inspections

Additional Services

We can assist you with many other additional services to help you with your building project

  • Development Applications
  • Ancillary Applications
  • Building Consultancy Services
  • Bushfire assessment
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Building Audits
  • Town Planning

Our Building Certification Portfolio

  • Residential unit complex
  • Childcare buildings & facilities
  • Educational buildings
  • Retail
  • Tenancy fitouts
  • Mixed use
  • Industrial buildings
  • Assembly buildings


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