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Professional Certification Group uses state-of-the-art technology and software, providing clients with a paperless approval alternative. All work including inspections is done electronically with immediate results.

There is no onerous paperwork

With our specialised private certifiers and expertise in building certification, you’ll have everything you need to ensure your project is completed on time and according to legislation and building standards. We’re renowned for our professionalism and ability to navigate complex building regulations and planning laws, providing fast, reliable, and accurate advice for completing any project.

Our team has the skills and knowledge to make your project work, whatever type and size it may be. Whether you’re working on a large-scale commercial development or a private residential property, we’ll help you get the approvals you need to bring it to life, ensuring it complies with current laws.

We offer next-day building inspections for large areas of QLD NSW if you book by 3pm. Inspection results are transmitted electronically



In New South Wales, our private certifiers are experts in assessing work for both Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates. We can act as the Principal Certifying Authority to undertake the Critical Stage Inspections and issue necessary certificates including the Occupation Certificate.

In Queensland, we provide a one-stop building approval service, providing all the necessary approvals needed for your project, including town planning.

We will simplify the process for you, and complete the application paperwork for you


Our expert private certifiers are able to interpret complex planning schemes, minimising approval times and costs.  We will assess whether your houses can be approved without the need for lengthy and costly town planning or siting relaxation applications being made to Council.

We are also able to obtain all your ancillary approvals for siting relaxations, driveways, build over sewer and stormwater, plumbing and drainage and water connections.


Valued Partnerships

PPLAN and Accelerate Sustainability Assessments can assist you with related consultancy services including building and development advice, town planning applications and energy efficiency assessments.

Valued Partner - PPLAN, The town planning professionals

PPLAN provides town planning and related consultancy services throughout New South Wales and Queensland.

PPLAN has in-depth experience to skilfully navigate through the maze of complex town planning regulations and deliver the best practical outcomes for your project, at a very competitive fee

In New South Wales, they can advise on whether your building project is Exempt, Complying Development or requires consent under a Local Environmental Plan, and what is involved in gaining Development Consent.

In Queensland, they can advise on local planning schemes and whether your building project is Accepted, Code Assessable or Impact Assessable, and what is involved in gaining Development Approval for a Material Change of Use or Operational Work.

Some of their services include:

  • Town planning and development advice
  • Development applications
  • Town planning applications & submissions
  • Ancillary applications

Valued Partner - Accelerate Sustainability Assessments, The Energy Efficiency Assessments Experts

Accelerate is a professional energy efficiency assessment consulting company that can assist in ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia and BASIX

Their assessment services include:

  • NatHERS software star rating
  • Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS)
  • Verification Using a Reference Building (VURB)
  • BESS
  • Commercial Section J

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