Making a Building Application

Further Information (QLD)

Town Planning

Building work may trigger approval for a Material Change of Use or Operational Work under the Planning Scheme. If this is the case, a separate town planning application will be required.

Plumbing and Drainage

We can obtain approval for plumbing and drainage work from Council. Approval is not required for Notifiable plumbing and drainage work.


Buildings that do not meet minimum setbacks prescribed under the Queensland Development Code or the local Planning Scheme will require a relaxation application to be made to Council for approval.

Where there is a Plan of Development, the local Council may require a town planning application to be made where the house is not located within the approved building envelope.

Building Over Sewer or Stormwater

Building close to a sewer or stormwater main, manhole or connection point may require a separate application to be made to the local water authority. We can advise you on when an application is required, and lodge it on your behalf.

Amenity and Aesthetics

Some building work triggers a referral to Councils because the work might be considered to be in extreme conflict with the amenity of a neighbourhood. Examples include removal houses and shipping containers.


Councils specify minimum floor levels and flow rates for land affected by riverine and coastal flooding, and stormwater overland flow.


Properties designated by Councils as being located in a bushfire prone area will require an assessment of the property to determine bushfire risk and the level of construction required for the building work to comply with Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas.