New South Wales Building Inspections

Critical Stage Inspections

Critical Stage Inspections

To ensure a building complies with

  • Building Code of Australia
  • Development Consent
  • Complying Development Certificate OR Construction Certificate

Professional Certification Group will conduct the following Critical Stage Inspections (where relevant) for Domestic Dwellings (class 1 and 10) as the Principal Certifier :

  • At the commencement of building work;
  • After excavation for and prior to the placement of, any footings;
  • Prior to pouring any in-situ reinforced concrete building element;
  • Prior to the covering of any framework for any floor, wall, roof or other building element;
  • Prior to the covering of any waterproofing in any wet areas;
  • Prior to covering any stormwater drainage connections; and
  • After the building work has been completed and prior to any Occupation Certificate (OC) being issued in relation to the building.

Your Principal Contractor will need to contact Professional Certification Group at least 48 hours before an inspection is required.

Occupation Certificate

An Occupation Certificate is required for any new building work approved by a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate, or change of use of a building where the building classification changes under the Building Code of Australia.

Professional Certification Group can issue an Occupancy Certificate as the Principal Certifier, certifying that the building is compliant with the Building Code of Australia, ensuring any preconditions of a Development Consent or Complying Development Certificate are met.

You will need to ensure that you have obtained either an interim or final Occupancy Certificate before you occupy a new building.