Building Certification

Professional Certification Group is one of the most trusted private certifiers for building certification. We are renowned for our professionalism and ability to navigate complex building regulations and planning laws – providing fast, reliable, and accurate advice for completing any building project.

Whether you’re working on a large-scale commercial development or a private residential project, we can help you get the approvals and permits you need to comply with current laws.

In New South Wales, our private certifiers are experts in assessing work for Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates.  We are also accredited to act as the Principal Certifying Authority and undertake Critical Stage Inspections to issue necessary certificates including the Occupation Certificate.

In Queensland, we can issue Development Permits for Building Work (also known as building permits), provide building consultancy advice and conduct building inspections of approved work.

We can assist with the following:

  • Development applications
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Town Planning
  • Bushfire assessments
  • Driveway permits
  • Plumbing and drainage approvals
  • Water connections
  • Build over sewer approvals

For more complex development applications relating to town planning or development approvals, our partners at PPLAN can prepare town planning/development applications on your behalf.  Accelerate Sustainability Assessments can assist you with BASIX and energy efficiency assessments for new or existing buildings.

Professional Certification Group for your Building Certification

Licensed Private Certifiers

Qualified to assess, approve, and inspect buildings

Extensive Experience

Experienced with all types of residential, commercial, industrial, health care and educational buildings


Able to navigate complex building regulations and planning laws

Consultancy Services

Building Code of Australia compliance advice, due diligence services, expert witness services

Building Work we certify

Our private certifiers have approved a wide range of work.

You can be sure we have the expertise and qualifications to issue the necessary approvals for your project.

We specialise in

Houses | Dual Occupancy | Townhouses | Flats | Boarding Houses | Apartments | Motels
Alterations and additions to existing work
Ancillary Structure
Granny Flats | Sheds | Carports | Swimming Pools | Decks
Factories | Warehouses | Storage Units | Sheds
Commercial sites
Offices | Retail | Shopping Centres | Retail Outlets | Hotels
Child Care Centres | Schools | Places of Assembly | Church | Sporting Complexes | Gyms
Tenancy Fit Outs
Retail, Offices | Shops | Take Away Food | Cafe | Restaurants

Residential Approvals

We have thorough knowledge of State and Council requirements that will help you comply with the complex rules for houses.

If you are designing, renovating or building a new home, our building certification specialists can help your building project achieve compliance according to current standards contained in the Building Code of Australia, and other State and Council laws and regulations.

We have worked on residential property types such as

Detached houses
Dual occupancy and duplexes
Granny flats
Alterations and additions to existing buildings
Patios, decks, pergolas
Carports and garages
Retaining walls and fences
Swimming pools

Commercial Approvals

Our clients include architects, building designers, builders and owners. We advise on how to comply with the Building Code of Australia and other State and Council requirements for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Residential Buildings
Medium and high-rise Apartments | Townhouse Developments | Boarding Houses | Hotels | Motels

Commercial sites
Offices | Retail Shopping Centres | Shops | Retail Outlets

Factories | Warehouses | Storage Units | Sheds

Child Care Centres | Schools | Places of Assembly | Churches | Sporting Complexes | Gyms

Tenancy Fit Outs
Retail | Offices | Shops | Take Away Food | Cafe | Restaurant

We provide professional building inspections and on-site building audit services for commercial development projects

Building Inspection

We ensure your building inspection is booked when you need it. We offer next-day inspections throughout most areas of Queensland and the Northern Rivers Region, the Hunter Valley and Greater Sydney in New South Wales. If you book an inspection with us before 3pm, we can book in an inspection at your property as early as the next business day.

Our private certifiers have the capacity to assess, approve and inspect houses throughout most areas.