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At Professional Certification Group, our team of experienced, fully qualified building certifiers are equipped to respond to the extensive range of services available within this discipline.

The identification of compliance with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards will provide our clients with detailed technical appraisal of a building or structure by offering a professional opinion.

Building Code Consultancy at Concept Design and DA Stage

Engaging the services of an expert in building regulations and codes at concept design stage can be critical to ensure that the proposed development can meet building codes and regulations, not just planning codes during the design stage

Early detection of potential conflicts and building code issues early in the design process can avoid issues further down the track where changes to the design could be very costly, and may even require re-assessment through council. It is extremely important to get it right at the start of the process, and identify and address non-compliances during the early design phase.

During the DA stage of development, often re-design and change is needed to satisfy council requirements for planning approval. It is important to ensure these required changes do not affect the ability for the building to achieve building code compliance. During this stage, it is also possible to look at addressing other areas such as performance based fire engineering solutions, disability access solutions and general energy efficiency compliance criteria to ensure the final DA approved building can achieve compliance without having to go for further amendments. This can save a lot of cost and time in getting a project off the ground.

Building Code Consultancy at Building Approval and Construction Stages

It is important to have expert guidance during the building approval and construction stages of a project.

Although a certifier may already be engaged, having an expert on building code compliance matters involved during the approval process can assist in expediting the approval process, and in developing solutions to complicated issues. In addition to reviewing the engaged certifier information and inspection notice requests, we can provide guidance on achieving compliance with regulatory requirements.

Independent audits can be undertaken during the construction to ensure all aspects of compliance can be met, and identify any potential issues well in advance of completion, to allow for effective design and rectification of these issues.

Through this process, it is possible to save a lot of time and cost during the build process by identifying and addressing issues early.

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