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Fire Engineering Consultancy

Fire Engineering Consultancy Services

Our team of experienced  fire engineers registered in New South Wales and Queensland can provide

  • Performance solutions on radiation issues, fire rated separating walls, means of escape issues including travel distances, hydrant sprinkler and booster locations
  • Fire engineering advice on non-complying products relating to fire safety issues
  • Various other fire related non-compliance

Professional Certification Group can also carry out audits of the fire safety provisions for existing buildings to ensure that the owner complies with current fire safety regulations including a detailed review of occupier statements, maintenance records and a physical inspection of the building fire safety provisions
*Where PCG has been appointed as the building certifier on a project, it is considered a conflict of interest for us to provide a fire engineered performance solution


Fire Safety in and around buildings is a critical component not only in building design, but in general day to day operation and compliance