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Fire Safety Compliance Auditing and Reporting

Professional Certification Group’s team of experienced, fully qualified fire engineers and certifiers are equipped to respond to the extensive range of services available within this area

It is important when reviewing an existing building, the correct identification of relevant fire safety systems and standards is appraised to determine the extent of compliance.

Our experienced team can review the existing building maintenance records, occupier statements and inspect both active and passive systems for compliance with the relevant codes and standards and provide written advice on the level of compliance, and any rectification works which may need to be addressed.

In addition to general fire safety, one of the major compliance issues currently in construction is the use of combustible cladding materials, especially Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), used as the external facade cladding. Our team can undertake audits of existing façade systems to determine if ACP panels are present, to what extent they are present and advise if further testing or rectification works are required.