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Technical Due Diligence Auditing

Technical Due Diligence Auditing of Existing Buildings

When looking at either leasing or purchasing a new commercial premises, it is important to ensure the prospective building or tenancy is suitable for the proposed use and occupation before being locked in a contract.

This due diligence audit process is important for the client not only to determine if the building is suitable, but also to provide a detailed risk assessment and grading of potential compliance issues and risks to the owner and/or purchaser to assist in making an educated decision regarding proceeding with a lease or purchase of a premises.

Technical Due Diligence Audit Report

Professional Certification Group can undertake a full due diligence audit on an existing building, including:

  • Searching all existing council records and approvals
  • Reviewing an existing building for compliance with the legislation applicable at the time of original approval
  • Reviewing any existing performance based solutions applicable in the building
  • Checking compliance with current legislative requirements based on the existing use
  • Review compliance with current legislative requirements for a change of use
  • Assessing compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Checking compliance with fire safety requirements
  • Reviewing existing maintenance schedules and records of fire safety systems
  • Reviewing the suitability for any adaptive re-use and any upgrade requirements

As part of this audit report, not only can we identify the existing building in its current form, but can provide advice on any upgrade requirements, or consult on what may be required to achieve compliance for the proposed occupation and use.

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