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3.6 Building Permit

Building Permit

Upon collating all required documents and having assessed the application as compliant, you will receive a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate from us.

If you received a Construction Certificate, you must ensure compliance with the conditions included in your Development Consent.

If you received a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), you must ensure compliance with the conditions attached to the CDC.


Before commencing any building work, you must appoint a Principal Certifier. You may choose to appoint us or another Certifier.

The Principal Certifier will ensure all work progresses in accordance with the Building Code of Australian and the conditions of the Development Consent, and that the structure has been built in accordance with the approved plans.

In addition to the approval, the Principal Certifier will also inspect the building work at various stages throughout the build.

Please ensure you read all documents carefully and ask us any questions you may have before proceeding with works.

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