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Obtain A Quote

Obtaining a Quote

At PCG, we make building certification easy for you.

To get a quote from us, simply email us your working drawings prepared by an Architect or a licensed draftsperson.

Neat, scaled drawings are acceptable for minor works such as a fabricated shed, patio or new swimming pool
We also prefer you submit your plans and drawings in a pdf format


For further information please view the video.

Preparing Your Quote

Upon receiving your drawings, we aim to respond with a price and preliminary advice within two working days.

Our quote will be based on our best understanding of the information you have given us and our extensive knowledge and experience.

Occasionally, issues may be discovered once a complete professional assessment is performed, including detailed property and town planning checks.

Usually these issues would have already been picked up and addressed by your Architect or draftspersons during the design process.

Have any other questions about obtaining a quote from us?

Contact us.

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