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3.2 Paperwork


Upon deeming our quote acceptable, you will need to upload your plans and other documents onto the NSW Government Planning Portal, complete all their relevant questions and select ‘Professional Certification Group’ as your Certifier.

Once we have received your application, we will send you an invoice. NSW legislation does not permit us to commence work until you have paid for the work.


Where a Development Consent is required from the local Council, a Construction Certificate is required to approve building work.

An application for a Construction Certificate can only be made by the person receiving the benefit of the approval.

If you need assistance preparing an application for Development Consent, please contact your local Council or a Town Planner consultant.


If applying for Complying Development, you do not need to obtain Development Consent from the local council.

However, your development will need to comply with the relevant local Council or State planning legislations.

An application for Complying Development can only be made by the owner of the land, or a person who has the consent of the owner.

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