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3.7 Commencing Building Works

When You Start Building

As you commence building works, it is important to note that your Building Permit lists all relevant and required inspections.

These must be booked at each of the stages listed in your Building Permit and prior to the work proceeding ahead.

Required Stage Inspections

Some required stage inspections to be conducted are:

Foundation and excavation stage before the footings are poured
Slab stage before the concrete is poured
Frame stage before the cladding or lining is fixed
Final stage

Your Building Permit will also list the Form 16 certificates you must provide us. Examples of such certification include that of for glazing, smoke alarms and waterproofing compliance among some others.

Without the required Form 16 certificates, we will not be able to issue the final certification of completion.

Building a Pool

If you are building a pool, please ensure you book a final inspection with us when you finish development work, so we can issue you with a Form 21 or Form 17.

Upon issuing you a Form 21 or Form 17, the certification approval process is complete.


We encourage any feedback of our process and hope to work with you again in future.

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