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3.3 Other Approvals

As each building project is unique, it will require different set of approvals and processes to determine what is being built, its location and the relevant applicable planning scheme, as well as regulations and the Building Code standards that apply to the build.

You may also need other approvals, such as plumbing and/or driveways. We can give you a price to manage these applications on your behalf.

Approvals may also be required for work you were not expecting. It is unlawful for us to issue a building permit until some specific approvals such as town planning approvals have been issued.

Common reasons for needing to obtain town planning approvals include traditional building character areas, small lots, removal of bushland or building too close to a waterway. These types of applications can be very costly and should be avoided where possible.

Other Approvals Required for QLD Building Projects

In Queensland, if a town planning approval is required, we can assist you in making a development application.

If your building is too close to the boundary, an application may be able to be made to the Council for a siting relaxation.

Council may ask for statements from the neighbour stating they do not object to the building. Often, siting relaxation applications can be costly.

However, our team will ensure that the simplest and most affordable path is taken when submitting a siting relaxation.


If your building work is too close to a sewer or stormwater mains or access point, you will also need to obtain approval from the relevant water authority.

We have a large team of professionals who work across all facets of the approval process.

Now that you have engaged us, we can assist you to obtain other approvals required for your build.

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