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Receiving the Quote

Receiving the Quote

Thank you for requesting a quote from us.

Our quote is based on our best understanding of the information you have given us.

As a Private Certifier, our role is to check whether your plans comply with the Building Code of Australia as well as other state and local laws.

The Building Code contains minimum standards to protect the health, safety and amenity of building occupants as well as environmental sustainability
The local council may also have additional requirements, for example, requirements relating to the design and siting of buildings.

Engaging PCG as Your Certifier

When you engage us, we will undertake detailed property and town planning searches to confirm that no other approvals are required from local councils or other bodies, and that any pre-conditions are satisfied.

At this stage, you may also wish to contact council yourself

We will assess your application and advise whether it complies with the Building Code and other related regulations.

This means that we may ask you for more details about how aspects of the building work complies

Private Certifier Advice

The strict laws which regulate Certifiers do not permit us to give you design advice.

We are only permitted to advise on how your project complies with the building code
Design advice should be obtained from your building designer or architect who are licensed to provide such advice.
You can also access the building code online at

Accepting the Quote

Please take your time to peruse our quotation and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

If you are happy with our quote and choose to engage us, please refer to our Engagement Agreement attached to the quote.

To accept the quote,

Sign the Engagement Agreement and email it back to us; and
Pay the fee and send us a copy of the payment receipt.

We look forward to working with you on your building approval journey!

Have any other questions about receiving a quote from us?

Contact us.

You’ll hear back from us very soon.