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Building Code Compliance Auditing Services

At Professional Certification Group, we offer a range of auditing services including:


Building Code Compliance Auditing on Existing Buildings

Throughout the life of a building, which can extend for over 50 years, building codes, regulations and requirements will change.

When looking at a building, it is important to undertake regular auditing to ensure the best levels of occupant safety can be maintained.

Often it is unknown if previous works which have been undertaken are It is important to ensure that works that have been undertaken have not compromised existing levels of safety or code compliance.

Our certifiers can perform:

  • Full building code compliance audit – to review the building holistically; or
  • Limited scope audit – to review a particular aspect of the building e.g. access and egress.


Building Code Compliance Auditing on New Constructed Buildings

During the construction process, it is important to ensure works are being carried out in accordance with the required building approval conditions to avoid costly rectifications and non-compliance notices at completion.

We can undertake independent inspections on a building to review for compliance against the relevant building and planning approvals, relevant building codes and standards, and provide written advice where issues are found on how to address the matters.

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