Commercial Services

Our staff has extensive experience & knowledge in the commercial industry sector and are able to respond to all challenges that a construction project may present.

Our team of qualified building certifiers have the appropriate knowledge and fields of expertise to approach most building related matters and takes pride in offering a diligent professional service to our clients. These services extend from project inception in offering a customised design advice service through to compliance services at completion stage. We believe our approach to achieve performance base outcomes together with our ability to assess the alternative solution approach gives our client the best possible outcomes from our service.

We believe that these services affirm our clients with a cost effective, creative and competent outcome to their project.

Our service range has broadened in direct response to the ever evolving construction industry to accommodate and facilitate innovative and customer based solutions through the building approval process.

Our Services

A fast, effective electronic building assessment and approval service for all forms of commercial development of unlimited size and classification. These include existing and new development in the: Residential, Industrial (Storage / Manufacturing), Health Care, Education, Sporting and Fitness, Leisure, Retail, Commerce and Assembly buildings.

We have a particular expertise  in the refurbishment / tenancy fit out sector , emphasising in the leisure & fitness, sporting complex, retail and office sector.

  • Tenancy fit outs
  • Assembly buildings
  • Retail sector (Shopping centres / outlets)
  • Office and Commerce
  • Schools and Educational establishments
  • Child care buildings
  • Industrial – Factories, Warehouses, Sheds and the like
  • Residential – Unit development, Apartments, Boarding houses and Hotels
  • Fire safety advice
  • Building access compliance advice
  • BCA advice and guidance
  • Compliance advice / reporting for existing buildings – new acquisitions
  • Compliance inspections for existing buildings
  • Alternative solution approvals
  • Preliminary design compliance advice
  • Due diligence reporting – Land lord  / tenant – pre/ post tenancy agreement
  • Energy Efficiency assessment
  • Queensland Fire & Rescue Services application lodgement and management